Website Definition

A website is simply a collection of files (web pages) that are written in special code (HTML), so that anyone with a web-browser program (such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, etc) can view the pages as the creator intended them to.

For example, if a programmer created a web-page and placed a banner at the top of the page, anyone viewing the page should see the banner at the top, and not at the bottom, or on the side, etc.

This special programming code (HTML, - Hyper-Text-Markup-Language) allows different types of computers and devices (PC's, MAC's, and mobile devices), to see the web pages exactly the same, even though the computers are different.

This is why the web page in HTML is used on the Internet- to allow anyone with access to the website (or web pages), to see the page as the creator intended. Also, the special code allows the page to have links to other pages- which could be anywhere on the Internet.

Now, in order for the world to be able to actually see your website (web pages), the files have to be placed on a computer that:

a)- has a dedicated connection to the Internet,


b)- is designed to 'serve' up those pages to the web-browsers that visit.

That computer is defined as a web-server, and is also commonly known as a web-host.

The Internet, on the other hand, is the means by which all of the computers connect to each other: through a global system of interconnected computer networks