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Your website needs to reside on a fast, reliable, and secure server!

Once your website has been created, you'll want to make sure that it's available WORLDWIDE!

This is done from a computer that is dedicated to maintaining, or 'hosting', your website files, and 'serving' them to your website's visitors.

Web Guarantee!

Easy payment options include credit card, check or PayPal!


No set up fees, pay month-to-month, 7 day money back guarantee.   For even greater savings, select one of our Pre-Paid Hosting Plans!

In many cases, the 'L-Media 100' and 'L-Media 200' plans are plenty to get started!   You can upgrade at any time!

L-Media 100

L-Media 200
L-Media 300

L-Media 400

L-Media 600

L-Media 1500

Storage 10GB 20GB 30GB 40GB 60GB 100GB
Transfer 10GB 100GB 120GB 140GB 160GB 500GB
Price $64.95 $109.95 $139.95 $179.95 $209.95 $259.95
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