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Privacy Policy

Your Privacy is important to us!
All your private data is confidential. We will never sell, exchange or market it in any way.

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Information contained in your customer record

Our customers provide us with their name, address, phone number, user name, credit/debit card or bank information and other personally identifiable or confidential information, which is required to provide Service to them. We may also acquire information about our customers' use of the Services. This information may be in addition to the information provided to us by our customers, in order to create an administrative record and is referred to as 'Registration and Billing Information'.

User inquiries

Users who contact us with questions may be required to give us additional information to help us in resolving their questions.

Statistical Information

We collect information about Users' use of the Services and our products in general (Statistical Information). Statistical Information may include, but is not limited to, IP address, referring url, and browser usage.

Cookies and Tracking Software

We use cookies and tracking software to provide the Services and for marketing purposes. Cookies are small data files that are placed automatically on a User's computer by our equipment. These data files are used to determine whether you have visited our site before, the length of time that you visit our site, and which pages you view. Tracking software may observe Users' use of the Services or movement on particular web pages.


This section describes how we use the information that we collect from Users, and how this information may be processed in such a way to identify individual Users.

Subpoenas and other demands for information

We will produce all information in our possession as required by law or a reasonable interpretation of it. We may also disclose this information if it is necessary or required to protect our business interests. This includes producing information in conjunction with the sale or acquisition of all or part of our business. If possible, we will attempt to notify Users that we intend to produce this information. However, we are under no obligation to do so if we are prohibited by law, or a reasonable interpretation of the law, if such a notice is impractical, or in conjunction with the sale or acquisition of all or part of our business.

Registration and Billing Information

We use Registration and Billing Information to identify our Users personally. Registration and Billing Information is used throughout our business to provide services to Users, and to offer new products and services to them. Information related to payment, including credit card numbers, is only used to ensure we receive payment for services rendered. It may be shared with third parties affiliated with us if they provide services through us to Users and those services are billed by them independently.


We do not use this data to identify Users personally. We use the information provided by Cookies to change the way our website looks to Users; to ensure continued connection to our equipment; and to collect demographic data about where Users go on our website.

Data Security

The information set out in this Privacy Policy is protected using industry standard security measures. No means of communication or information transmission or storage is totally secure. We are not responsible for loss, corruption or unauthorized acquisition and use of information, or for any damages resulting therefrom, including unauthorized acquisition and use.